Autumn 2019


It’s been an eventful few months for Tridactyl. We were delisted from the AMO and have been slowly trying to get listed again. We’re currently waiting to hear back from a reviewer on a query of ours before we submit what we will hope be our final revision which will be accepted. To have a hope of being relisted we have had to do some stuff we didn’t want to do, namely editing user.js for some users without their consent - that issue details it all.

In light of this, the maintainer for our Arch Linux builds switched to a method which means that Mozilla does not have to sign Tridactyl - so they no longer get a say in what Arch Linux can or cannot provide for its users. If you’re using Arch, I’d suggest you switch to these builds for peace of mind: pacman -S firefox-tridactyl.

There are some new features in Tridactyl 1.17.0 too: you can now use source --url to source an RC file from a URL without using the native messenger and extoption allows you to open the option pages of other extensions. We will probably release 1.18.0 soon which, hopefully, will make source a little more reliable which has been a perennial request from users with complex RC files.

A major reason that I’m writing this post is because bovine3dom has been accepted on to GitHub Sponsors. This initiative is a little like Patreon but Microsoft will match (i.e. double) any donations you make until October 2020 and charge no fees. You may wish to consider switching to this - simply follow this link:

Thanks as ever for your support,

bovine3dom and the rest of the Tridactyl developers