Summer 2020

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Welcome to the fourth quarterly Tridactyl newsletter.

We’ve got a lot done in the past few months, including some features which people have been asking for for a long time. My personal highlights are:

As for bug fixes, my highlights are:

I think it is fair to say that a big part of the reason why we have made so much progress this quarter is that I’ve started to work on Tridactyl for the equivalent of a day or two a week. (This is not to rubbish the contributions of other contributors - I think about half of my six highlighted features at least had large parts of them written by other contributors). I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, partly for financial reasons, and partly because I like maths and there fundamentally isn’t very much maths in Tridactyl, but it has been quite rewarding in the last few months - it has been nice to see Tridactyl get better at things that had annoyed me on a daily basis.

All of the progress above is currently in the Tridactyl Betas. I will do a stable release soon once I’m more sure that there aren’t any show stopping bugs such as #2636.

Looking to the future, we’ve made a bit of progress behind the scenes on moving Tridactyl towards a place where supporting other browsers wouldn’t be too much extra effort. The idea is that we would get warnings at lint-time when we do things that aren’t compatible with all the browsers we support. Initially, we would just try to officially support Firefox ESR and Firefox stable at the same time. In the future we may port Tridactyl to Chrome and the other Chromium-based browsers. We can’t promise that we’ll release it on the relevant stores as we might not pass review - Google is particularly famous for being mercurial.

Thanks for your support,

bovine3dom and the rest of the Tridactyl developers