Here are a few of our favourite testimonials:

Jeff King, co-author of git, June 2018

I’m mostly just a user of tridactyl

burntsushi, author of ripgrep (generally embarrassingly prolific in the Rust and Go ecosystems), October 2019:

If Mozilla prevents me from using tridactyl, then it’s likely that I move back to Chrome.

The following are all taken from the Mozilla reviews page.

Firefox is basically useless without this addon.

Browsing internet without it feels slow and clumsy.

It’s fast, responsive and actively developed.

Super extensions pour naviguer avec les raccourcis vim

they’re doing their best.

The more and more and I use it the more bugs I find

its not as good as pentadactyl

It’s still pretty buggy and still slows things down, but the experience is totally worth it.

The in-browser tutorial is the cherry on top :)

It used to be pretty useless

I almost wet myself when CTRL + ^(6) and . started working again

Overrides the homepage and there is no configuration. Otherwise It’s alright I guess

using tridactyl does leave me feeling a bit disabled

  1. the plugin sets your home page without asking you ― haven’t seen this behaviour in a long time, and certainly not in opensource world;
  2. doesn’t work on some sites (many of those, actually);
  3. no easy access to settings;
  4. no whitelist.

for a plugin that is expected to enhance my user experience that’s a fail in my book.